Helen Little

Since 1986, Helen Little has traveled to Haiti on 57 mission trips working tirelessly for the well being of the Haitian people. During this period she has helped build 8 schools, 3 churches, 12 wells, 5 houses and an orphanage that will soon be home to 40 otherwise homeless children. She has collected donated items such as children and adult clothes and shoes, linens, school supplies, books, wedding dresses, desks, TVs, computers, garden supplies and even vehicles, filling over 12 40-foot containers and shipping the goods to Haiti. She has delivered rice and beans and goats to needy families and worked with many medical teams in Haiti including during the January 12, 2010 earthquake. Her good work has been felt throughout Haiti in such areas as Cazeau, Bonnette, Beudeut, Gallette Chambon, Joineau, Ganthier, Cotin, Lestere, Haute Feuille, Fond Doux, Michaud, Croix de Bouquet, Delmas area of Port au Prince, and Guedon.

In the United States, she has attended the United Methodist Church annual conference every year sharing the desperate state of Haiti and its needs. She has found individual sponsors for over 125 Haitian children so they might attend school. She has enlisted women who make the children’s clothes for her. The Rotary Club in Clayton NC has built desks for her for the schools in Lestre and Haute Feuille and last year for the Institution Mixte Emmanuel de Michaud school in Michaud which Helen helped found. The Rotary also built benches for the Church in Michaud. Most recently, a senior at Clayton High School in North Carolina made his senior class project a trip to Haiti to build much needed playground equipment for the Michaud Community School. Last year, a senior student, also from Clayton High went to Haiti and held a weeklong soccer camp for over 100 Haitian kids for his senior project. Helen Little has also personally sponsored children including the oldest boy who graduated engineering school 2 years ago and is now married living in his own house and expecting his first child.

Helen Little has often experienced history in the making in Haiti. In addition to the 2010 earthquake; she was in Haiti on April 5, 2011 when Michel Martelly was announced winner of the presidency; She was in Haiti when Arisitide was declared the winner of the December 1990 election. Following the four devastating hurricanes of 2008, Helen was instrumental in getting help for one of the hardest hit areas at Fond Doux. Notably the people there were kept safe during the hurricanes in the shelter of the school Helen helped to build in 2005. After the hurricane she helped replace the crops, which were washed away. This brought much hope to the people as they then had food to eat.

Helen Little is 82 years young, still going strong and one of the founders of this foundation.